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Who we are

Whether you want to grow your social circle, develop a professional skill set or join a project making a change in this city, we have your entry point.

TYPROS is an organization designed to consistently create events, programs, groups and straight-up things to do in Tulsa. Our mission is to attract and retain young, creative talent to the Tulsa region while developing the next generation of leaders and enhancing Tulsa’s sense of place.

The idea is that this city becomes better and better to live in when interesting and interested people (i.e. you) connect with other interesting people.

You make the greatness happen. We’re just here to put the hold on your Google cal.


Get involved

Becoming a part of TYPROS is as simple as coming to an event.

No membership, no dues, just show up. Here’s what to do:


Step 1:
Check out our TYPROS crews. These are our seven areas of focus:

Arts & Entertainment, Business Development, Diversity, Government Relations, Leadership & Service, Sustainability, Urbanists


Step 2:
Look at the calendar and find a crew event you want to attend


Step 3:
RSVP and attend

That’s it. You’re in.

Start exploring different types of events and projects, check out different crews (groups created around issues they want to impact), or just know a few more people in town.

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Types of Events

TYPROS organizes events by their purpose.


Social Gatherings

Exactly what it sounds like. These are events designed to help people meet each other and see each other again. Events could be created around an activity, a topic, a holiday, or nothing at all. Break out of your routine, and see some new faces.


Professional Development

A part of our purpose is to help Tulsa’s talent become more-skilled leaders in our city. These events focus on an aspect of professional development either career related or personal. These events are driven by a topic and aimed at giving you tools to practice and connections to use.


Community Projects

TYPROS is committed to creating a strong sense of place in Tulsa. These events are related to specific projects making an impact on our city. Many of these events are led by TYPROS crews, the groups leading projects in a number of areas. We invite anyone interested to explore crews and join in on their projects.


Everyone is invited

Diversity is the spice of life.


There are no requirements for coming to a TYPROS event. No age requirements. No professional background needed. No connection to existing members.

TYPROS is inclusive of age, status, place of birth, time spent in Tulsa, interests and dietary restrictions. The whole idea is about getting as many people together to interact, engage and make connections. This is a community. No pre-reqs.

Other options for getting started

Because we know walking into a room of strangers can be awkward.


Intro Option 1:
The Connection

Do you want to meet up with someone in TYPROS and talk about it? We have people in TYPROS who would love to grab a coffee or drink with you, get to know you, and then help you find an interesting event or group to try out.

Just click on the link to schedule a quick meet up with any of these fine Tulsans. We promise they’d love to chat. It’s casual.


Andrea Pemberton
Program Manager, TYPROS


Moises Echeverria
President & CEO, Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice


Shannon Kelly
Financial Consultant, Fidelity Investments


Intro Option 2:
Meet & Greet

Do you want to meet up with other people who have joined TYPROS within the last month? One of the best ways is to attend a Pub Club event (a monthly casual happy hour). We spend the first 30 minutes giving a brief TYPROS overview, and the rest of the time is free for chatting with TYPROS members. Pub Club is the last Tuesday of every month at 5:30 p.m. at a different local spot each time.

You’ll make some connections and be able to ask questions to a current TYPROS board member about what goes on and how this might be a fit for you.

Visit our calendar to view the next Pub Club →


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