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TYPROS Clothing Swap

  • Tulsa City County Central Library 400 Civic Center Tulsa, OK 74103 (map)

Did anyone else jump on the Marie Kondo train? As you clean out your closet, we want to make it easy for you to figure out what to do with your unwanted items. By popular demand, the TYPROS Clothing Swap returns to help you say goodbye to clothes and accessories that no longer spark joy and replace them with ones that do.

Swapping clothes is a great way to clean up and shop sustainably. Drop off unwanted clothing, shoes, and accessories during one of our designated drop-off events leading up to our swap. Any items left over after the event will be donated to a local charity. If you don't have any items to donate to the swap, but you'd still like to participate and contribute to our TYPROS community, a $5 donation to the TYPROS Foundation is encouraged and can be donated at the swap.

Designated Drop-Off Events

Please note, our clothing swap is focused on adult clothing, shoes and accessories only. All items donated should be clean and gently used.

The following items WILL be accepted for donation and/or swap:

  • Adult clothing: shirts, sweaters, jackets, shorts, pants, skirts, suits, dresses, etc.

  • Outerwear: jackets, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, etc.

  • Footwear: socks and shoes

  • Activewear: swimwear, yoga pants/tights, shorts, sports bras, t-shirts, tanks, etc.

  • Accessories: belts, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, wallets, personal bags (purses/backpacks/briefcases only)

The following items WILL NOT be accepted for donation and/or swap:

  • Children's clothing, shoes or accessories

  • Bras or underwear

  • Hair products or accessories

  • Makeup, Hygiene or Personal products

  • Other household items, such as towels, bedding, kitchenware, furniture, decor, books, etc.

If you have any questions about items for donation, any of the drop-off events, the swap itself or anything else, please post your questions to our Facebook event page.

TYPros is committed to providing accessible and inclusive programming for all members of our community. For questions about accessibility, requests for accommodations, or to inform about dietary restrictions, please contact Andrea at at least 48 hours in advance of the event.

Sustainability Benefactor